Best Lakes In Utah

09 Best Lakes In Utah: Plan Your Next Adventure 2024

Are you tired of the same old beach destinations? Looking for something different? If so, why can’t you give a visit to the lakes? Yes!! Lakes offers a refreshing experience that can rival any beach vacation. 

Hey!! Where can you see the best lakes? Utah is home to a surprising number of fantastic lakes. Each lake has its own distinct character. These lakes provide so many exciting activities from the turquoise waters of Bear Lake to the salty Great Salt Lake. 

If you are seeking a peaceful retreat or want to go for an adventure-filled getaway, the best lakes in Utah ensure fascination and delight. There are so many lakes in Utah. Confused to choose the best one? Not to Worry!! Here is the list of the best lakes in Utah. 

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List of 09 Best Lakes In Utah: Plan Your Next Adventure

Let’s scroll down and hunt the best Lakes In Utah,

#1 Bear Lake

Best Lakes In Utah

Many lakes in Utah are lovely to explore in the late spring, summer, and early fall. Among these, Bear Lake is distinguished as one among the best lakes in Utah

This large natural lake on the Utah Idaho border lets you engage in so many interesting activities. During the warmer months, you can go boating and swimming. Try fishing in the turquoise blue waters. Else enjoy the ride on an ATV. 

In the winter, miles of trails are perfect for cross country skiing. When you are ready to relax, head to Garden City to the west. You can also try visiting Lake Town to the south. 

Nearest city: Garden City, UT

Best Time to Visit: June to September

Things to Do: Boating, Swimming, or Fishing

Location : Utah 82930, USA

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#2 Lake Powell 

Best Lakes In Utah

Lake Powell is a large man-made best lakes in Utah. This lake attracts nearly 2 million tourists annually. The Glen Canyon Dam shaped this lake. This lake has so many inlets. It is said to have more coastline than the whole Pacific coast of the United States.

You can spend your day on a houseboat and fishing. At night, try camping by the water’s edge. The lake has crystal clear waters that are ideal for boating and jet skiing. This lake also has more than 90 side valleys to explore. 

You can see the Rainbow Bridge National Monument located near the center of the lake and south shore. After spending your time on the lake, head south to Page, Arizona. Also you can try exploring east to Kanab, Utah.

Nearest city: Page, Arizona

Best Time to Visit: September to October

Things to Do: Boating and Jet Skiing

Location: United States

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#3 Fish Lake

Best Lakes In Utah

Fish Lake is considered the largest freshwater mountain lake in Utah. It has nearly 9000 feet and it is surrounded by the Mytoge Mountains. This all makes Fish Lake a beautiful alpine destination. 

In this lake, you can enjoy tiger trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout.  It is a favorite spot for sport fishing. In winter, you can go ice fishing. It is also a popular thing to do in Fish Lake.

In the summer, people love to do hiking, cycling, and camping in the surrounding mountains. This peaceful location to relax and admire nature. This attracts visitors year-round with its varied activities and stunning backdrop.

Nearest city: Koosharem, Loa, and Fremont.

Best Time to Visit: May to September 

Things to Do: Fishing, Hiking, Cycling, and Camping

Location: Utah 84055, USA

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#4 Mirror Lake 

Best Lakes In Utah

Mirror Lake is in the Uinta Mountains at a height slightly over 10000 feet. This lake is known for providing some of the finest mountain views of Utah. This beautiful lake is located at the base of Bald Mountain. 

Its name is derived from the lovely reflected nature of its waters. Visitors can also go kayaking on this peaceful lake. The surrounding area has breathtaking mountain views for you. 

At best lakes in Utah, you can enjoy admiring breathtaking views and having fun with many outdoor activities. It delivers big time fun and excitement in a beautiful mountain setting. 

Nearest city: Evanston, Wyoming

Best Time to Visit: All months 

Things to Do: Watersports, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Biking

Location: Utah 84031, USA

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#5 The Great Salt Lake

Best Lakes In Utah

Yes! This is the biggest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. Its unique nature supports a variety of animals. It may include migrating birds at the Bear River.

The lake is popular for sailing and kayaking. This lake has Antelope Island State Park. This is the place for hiking, biking, and bison sightings. Salt Lake City itself has various attractions.

Here, you can see the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and the Natural History Museum of Utah. These are considered some of the best attractions in the Great Salt Lake. This lake is a dream destination for those who enjoy both nature and urban conveniences. The Great Salt Lake is the best lakes in Utah and it provides a combination of natural beauty and recreational options.

Nearest city: Lehi

Best Time to Visit: September to October.

Things to Do: Hiking, Biking, Bison Sightings

Location: Utah, USA

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#6 White Pine Lake

Best Lakes In Utah

Are you looking for one of the hidden gems of Utah? Then definitely, you need to try White Pine Lake. This lake has gorgeous blue waters that are ideal for sightseeing and photography. This stunning lake is a little off the usual road.

It requires an 11 mile journey along the White Pine Lake Trail. This place is ideal for hiking. When you plan to go to this lake, bring hiking gear. The way to this lake is challenging. But the effort you are putting into reaching this lake is seriously rewarding.

This lake is filled with stunning views. White Pine Lake is considered as the best lakes in Utah. It is an excellent spot for individuals looking for adventure and natural beauty.

Nearest city: Knoxville, Tennessee

Best Time to Visit: July to October.

Things to Do: Hiking, Boating, Swimming

Location: Utah 84092, USA

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#7 Tony Grove Lake 

Best Lakes In Utah

Want to explore a Northern Utah Lake that is off the beaten path? If so, Tony Grove Lake is the perfect place. This is a small lake and is located along the Bear River Range. 

There is lots to do in this lake during your vacation. You can enjoy trying kayaking and paddle boarding. Or else you can simply enjoy the beauty of sunny days near Logan Canyon. 

Tony Grove Lake provides a peaceful escape from your daily bustles. This all makes Tony Grove Lake a perfect destination for nature lovers seeking isolation.

Nearest city: Logan and Garden City

Best Time to Visit: June to October

Things to Do: Kayaking, Paddle Boarding

Location: Utah 84333, USA

Google Maps : Tap to Reach.

#8 Panguitch Lake

Best Lakes In Utah

Panguitch Lake is a beautiful lake in Utah. This lake is an excellent year-round mountain getaway with multi-day vacation opportunities along Scenic Highway 123. In Paiute, Panguitch means Big Fish.

The lake maintains true to its name by offering superb fishing throughout the year. This lake has a 66 feet depth and shoreline up to 10 miles. Panguitch Lake is a main fishing lake in Utah.

This lake is famous for cutthroat, and tiger trout. This lake is the most active during the summer season. Here at Panguitch Lake which is deemed as one of the best lakes in Utah, you can do various activities during the summer. Are you exploring Panguitch Lake during winter? Then you can enjoy ice fish in the winter.

Nearest city: Panguitch, Utah

Best Time to Visit: June to Late August 

Things to Do: Hiking, Biking, ATV riding

Location: Utah 84759, USA

Google Maps : Tap to Reach.

#9 The Bottom Line

Best Lakes In Utah

The above mentioned lakes are the best lakes located in Utah. Each destination offers its own unique charm. Want to enjoy thrilling water sports? Or trying to participate in relaxing hikes in nature, these best lakes in Utah have something for everyone. Pack your bags and board on to an unforgettable journey to explore these peaceful wonders.


Is Utah Lake suitable for water sports?

Yes!! The best lakes in Utah hold many water sports. You can go boating and paddle boarding. 

Can I find any new fish variants in Utah lakes?

The best lakes in Utah are home to a variety of fish species. 

Are there any entrance fees required to visit these lakes?

Some lakes may require entrance fees for certain activities. So it is a good idea to check ahead of time for any regulations or fees.

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