The Best Places To See In Finland

Fabulous Finland: Check Out The Best Places To See In Finland

 Fascinating Finland: A Land Of Design, Thousand Lakes, Saunas, And Endless Possibilities

Finland, known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes, boasts unparalleled natural beauty, rich culture, and vibrant cities. Finland is a country of breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant culture, and unique experiences. From the Arctic wilderness to the Baltic Sea, the mesmerizing Northern Lights to the bustling markets, there is no shortage of places to see in Finland. Likewise, for the young and the old, Finland is a hidden European gem waiting to be discovered. With over 187,000 lakes, 74% forest cover, hospitable locals, quirky food, and the cleanest air to breathe visiting this Nordic jewel is a traveler’s delight. So, let’s not waste any more time and explore the best places to see in Finland:      

Best Places To See In Finland: Home To A Thousand Lakes And A Million Stories

Finland, a northern European country, shares its borders with Norway, Sweden, and Russia. If you’re as excited as I am, let me introduce you to the best places to see in Finland.


Begin your Finland frenzy with the largest and capital city, Helsinki. As one of the best places to see in Finland, Helsinki is a vibrant hub of culture and history. Known as the Daughter of the Baltic Sea, an archipelago of 330 islands surround Helsinki. Apart from architectural wonders, explore the bustling Market Square and stroll through the beautiful Esplanade Park. Also, visit the impressive Temppeliaukio Church carved into solid rock. The city further boasts a vibrant arts and design scene that provides a taste of Finnish culture and history. Hence, Helsinki, brimming with attractions and the cleanest air in the world, is among the best places in south Finland you must not miss.

Best places to see in Finland, Helsinki

  • Senate Square: Dominated by the Helsinki Cathedral, this neoclassical square is in city center.
  • Suomenlinna Sea Fortress: This is a UNESCO World Heritage site located on a cluster of islands off the coast.
  • Design District: Known as the creative hub of the city, it is filled with boutiques, galleries, and design shops.


Rovaniemi is unquestionably one of the best places to see in Finland. Let us know why. Located in Lapland, Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus. Visit Santa Claus Village, cross the Arctic Circle, and experience its wildlife and nature. Travelers and kids can meet Santa year-round and enjoy the magical atmosphere. In winter, you can also enjoy activities like dog sledding and snowmobiling. Additionally, explore the Arktikum Museum and Science Centre to learn about the Arctic way of life and Northern Lights research. Thus, Rovaniemi is among the most beautiful places in north Finland.

Beyond Rovaniemi, there is a lot to explore in the Lapland region. You can witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights, enjoy snow sports, and take a memorable reindeer or husky safari. Visit Levi and Yllas resorts, perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. In summer, the Midnight Sun phenomenon paints the landscape in warm, golden hues. It is indeed a unique natural spectacle. So, step into a fairytale world in Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa Claus.


Visit Turku, Finland’s oldest city, where medieval history meets vibrant contemporary life. The city also offers a vibrant cultural scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and restaurants to explore. Visit the nearby Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum to explore Turku’s history and contemporary art. Enjoy a cruise on the breathtaking archipelago of Turku, a coastal paradise of thousands of islands. Additionally, stroll along the Aura River, lined with charming cafes and restaurants.

Best places to see in Finland, Turku

Turku Castle: It is a 13th-century fortress and one of the oldest buildings in Finland.

Turku Cathedral: A magnificent example of Finnish National Romantic architecture.

Ruissalo Island: Known for its beautiful beaches and lush nature trails.


If you’re searching for the best places to see in Finland, Porvoo, a short drive from Helsinki, is worth a visit. Known for its picturesque old town, Porvoo is a delightful destination for history enthusiasts and artists. Wander through cobbled streets lined with colorful wooden houses and idyllic riverside setting. Keep your camera charged to capture a few memorable clicks. Visit the Porvoo Cathedral and enjoy coffee and pastries by the riverbank. Treat your kids with a visit to the Brunberg Candy Factory. Furthermore, explore the boutiques and art galleries and enjoy the picturesque riverside views in Porvoo, one of the best places in south Finland.

Best places to see in Finland, Porvoo  

  • Old Porvoo: This is a picturesque medieval town with cobbled streets and colorful wooden houses along the riverbank.
  • Porvoo Cathedral: This cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Finland.


Famous for its medieval Olavinlinna Castle, Savonlinna is a picturesque town on Lake Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland. Enjoy the annual Savonlinna Opera Festival which attracts music lovers from around the world. You can also indulge in water activities in the surrounding pristine lakes. Thus, Savonlinna deserves a spot among the best places to see in Finland.

Best places to see in Finland, Savonlinna

  • Olavinlinna Castle: It is a medieval fortress located on an island in Lake Saimaa, that hosts the famous Savonlinna Opera Festival every summer.
  • Punkaharju Ridge: Offers breathtaking lake views and serene nature trails.

A Winter Wonderland: Best Places To See In Finland


A hub of technology and culture, Oulu offers the Tietomaa Science Center, Nallikari Beach, and the Hupisaaret Islands for nature lovers. Located in central Finland, this waterfront square is a bustling hub with markets and food stalls.

Best places to see in Finland, Oulu

  • Nallikari Beach: A beautiful beach area near the city center, ideal for swimming and sunbathing in the summer.
  • Northern Ostrobothnia Museum: Offers insights into the region’s history and culture.


Known as the Manchester of Finland, Tampere is an industrial city with a unique charm. Explore the Vapriikki Museum and the Moomin Museum, dedicated to the beloved Moomin characters created by Tove Jansson. Visitors can stroll along the Tammerkoski Rapids, indulge in the vibrant cafe culture, and enjoy skiing or even hockey. Also, the Sarkanniemi amusement park featuring an aquarium, children’s zoo, planetarium, and observation deck, is a hit with families. Aren’t these attractions enough for Tampere to be among the best places to see in Finland?

Best places to see in Finland, Tampere

  • Moomin Museum: Celebrates the beloved Moomin characters created by Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson.
  • Pyynikki Park and Observation Tower: Offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding lakes.

Archipelago National Park:

Are you looking for the best places to see in Finland? If so, discover the breathtaking beauty of the Archipelago National Park. Located off the southwest coast of Finland, this national park comprises thousands of islands and serene coastal landscapes. Visitors can explore the intriguing rock formations scattered across the Baltic Sea. Go sailing, kayaking, or take a ferry to experience the tranquility of this archipelago. Nature lovers can admire the unique flora and fauna amidst serene landscapes.

Best places to see in Finland, Archipelago National Park

  • Thousands of Islands: Explore this unique maze of islands, best experienced by boat.
  • Hiking Trails: Offers opportunities for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

However, other notable national parks in Finland are:

  • Koli National Park
  • Nuuksio National Park
  • Lemmenjoki National Park
  • Repovesi National Park
  • Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Note that this is a suggested list of the best places to see in Finland. Besides these, several other astounding attractions in Finland to consider according to your preferences include:

  • Hameenlinna
  • Rauma
  • Aland Islands
  • Vaasa   
  • Suomenlinna  
  • Lake Saima


These are a few of the best places to see in Finland. Each destination seamlessly blends natural beauty, cultural experiences, and outdoor adventures, making Finland a unique destination to explore. Besides its European counterparts, this fascinating country offers one of a kind experience for its visitors. Whether you’re captivated by the Northern Lights, enchanted by the historic towns, or seeking outdoor adventures, Finland is sure to leave a lasting impression. Trust us when we say that a trip to this enchanting Nordic nation will not disappoint you. So, start planning your next vacation to Fabulous Finland, where winter lasts a little longer, but the warmth never fades.


  • What is the currency of Finland?

Euro is the currency of Finland.

  • What are the popular food in Finland?

Karjalanpiirakka (rice pies), Leipajuusto (bread cheese), Korvapuusti (cinnamon buns), Graavilohi (cured salmon), Mustikkapiirakka (blueberry pie), and Kalakukko (fish pie) are some popular food in Finland.

  • What is Finland famous for?

Finland is famous for stunning natural landscapes, northern lights, saunas, unconventional food, friendly people, and  the home of Santa Claus.

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