Top 7 countries Where you should visit before ’30s

This blog is about travelling and why we should travel. Travelling is necessary in the modern period, which is characterised by the fact that everyone is preoccupied with their jobs and offices. We are occupied with the pursuit of more financial success while also making every effort to provide for the needs of our family, children, and future generations. Well, I suppose I just altered the blog’s theme:) Today’s topic is travel, which is necessary in this day and age because we need to get some mental peace. Travel is the secret to avoiding stress since it keeps us peaceful. 


Travelling is a beautiful experience since it enables us to discover new places, people, and cultures. It opens up new perspectives for you and creates memories that will last a lifetime. Whether they are seasoned travellers or are just starting out, everyone should travel at least once. One of the nicest parts about travelling is trying new meals. Every country and region has a unique cuisine, and experimenting with the many flavours and spices of a culture is one of the finest ways to learn about it. When you travel, you may witness new sights that you have never seen before. You may discover new places, engage in unusual activities, and experience other lifestyles. You could also get to speak with fresh people who have different ways of thinking and living.

You can discover new things about yourself while traveling. You might find new pastimes or interests, or you might learn that you’re more daring than you thought. You can develop your self-awareness, freedom, and confidence by traveling.

Why Should We Travel?

Because of the high levels of stress that people experience today—young people are anxious about their careers, students are upset about their classes, and people in general are anxious about a variety of issues, but we’ll talk about those issues in another blog—traveling is important. Well, travelling is important for everyone, just as eating daily keeps us energetic throughout the day. Travelling once a month is important for everyone to stay healthy and happy, because work and high levels of stress can cause depression. To treat depression, there are many different methods, but most people enjoy travelling. 

Traveling help you in your mental peace, and mental peace is very important nowadays, and If you are thinking that I am wrong, then try this therapy, if you are tired from your offices, or work, try to travel and have a vacation this weekend for about 3-4 days, this will help you a lot. 

Where should we Travel?

Before going anyplace, you should ask yourself this question. Depending on your disposition and the type of travel and experience you want, you can consider visiting some mountain ranges, rivers, and valleys where you can find some peace and quiet to help you relax if you’re feeling frustrated, anxious, or depressed. You can go to clubs, beaches, long drives, etc. to have fun if you need a break from your work. Spending time with your family instantly makes you feel better. If you are travelling with your family, you may visit national parks, go to sacred sites, and organise a quick getaway. it automatically gives you relief. there are lots of points you need to take care of before traveling anywhere. So, now you got my point and you can decide where you should go.

Where can I Visit?

Here are the top 7 countries where should visit before ’30s they are very budget-friendly for travelers, locations are given below

Sri Lanka

Lonely Planet named Ravan’s Lanka as the top destination to travel in 2020, and it is well known for its immaculate beaches and delicious cuisine.  To take photographs of Sri Lanka’s most important ancient sites, tourists must purchase a permit. If you’re going on a tight budget, 500–700 rupees should be enough for one day.


Bhutan, known as the “Thunder Dragon,” is situated between China and India. It is well recognized for being the best nation on earth. Tourists can immerse themselves in the vibrant celebrations, mountain temples, and rich culture of Bhutan. The nation’s countryside is accessible to those who desire adventure.



Thailand is the spot to go if you like the ocean, are a party animal, are interested in heritage, or are a foodie. Flights from India’s lowest airport to Visakhapatnam start at just Rs 3200. Thailand offers very cheap lodging, with dormitories starting at just Rs 500. Street cuisine is a delectable, inexpensive choice that costs no more than Rs 200. Beer can be purchased for as little as Rs. 150, if not less. Thailand is one of the simplest and most accessible destinations in India.

Beautiful Thailand


Nepal is a country with a diverse wildlife and spiritual culture that is tucked between the Himalayas and forests. Adventurers can travel through a variety of mountains and experience forests in one of the least expensive and closest nations to India. The daily average in Nepal can range from 400 to 700 rupees.



Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s hidden jewels, with lush mountains, vibrant towns, and unspoiled beaches. Your stay could only cost you Rs 1000 per night if you decide to remain in a backpacker hotel. A substantial dinner in a midrange eatery will cost you around Rs 800. Choosing less expensive choices can cost you between Rs. 500 and Rs. 700 per day if you’re on a tight budget. It is one of the most lovely and reasonably priced countries to travel to from India.



In Myanmar, hot air balloon rides, nature hikes, and historical trips are popular tourist attractions. The country’s features include enormous mountains, immaculate beaches, stunning islets, and tranquil lakes.  The daily average in Myanmar can range from 400 to 500 INR

Beautiful Myanmar


Indonesia is home to Bali, one of the most popular tourist destinations, but the nation is larger than just Bali. It has extensive beaches, active volcanoes, and lofty mountain regions. The lodging costs decrease by 30–60% between April and October, making a trip to Indonesia during those months a more affordable choice. For a day, approximately Rs. 1000–1500 should be adequate.

Beautiful Indonesia


So, here we learn that traveling is very important for everyone and some basic points we should take care of before traveling anywhere. Traveling in a month is important, rather it’s a long trip or a short trip. Pack your luggage, gentlemen, what are you waiting for 🙂