7 Best Cities To Visit In Kuwait

Kuwait: Where Tradition And Innovation Dance Hand in Hand

Located in the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait is a small but vibrant country with a rich history and a unique blend of modern and traditional elements. This jewel of the Middle East boasts modern architecture, rich culture, and a stunning coastline along the Arabian Gulf. Architectural wonders, Arabian hospitality, a vast desert, pristine beaches, and delectable food contribute to making Kuwait a preferred pick among travelers over other commercialized Middle Eastern nations. So, let’s not wait to explore the 7 best cities to visit in Kuwait: Here we go!

From Sandy Desert To Gleaming Cityscapes: Best Cities To Visit In Kuwait

  • KUWAIT CITY: The capital and largest city, Kuwait City, is the most obvious choice for visitors. It is the cultural, political, and economic center of the country. Here you’ll find a mix of modern architecture, traditional souks (markets), and cultural attractions. So, explore the bustling markets and enjoy the lively atmosphere. So, kickstart your journey by visiting Kuwait City, earning a top spot on our list of the 7 best cities to visit in Kuwait.     

Attractions: Kuwait Towers, Liberation Tower, Grand Mosque, Souq Al-Mubarakiya (traditional market), National Museum of Kuwait, Al-Muzaini Mosque, Sadu House, Al Shaheed Park, Seif Palace

Activities: Shopping, science show at Kuwait National Museum, enjoying local cuisine, exploring the waterfront promenade

Shopping Places: The Avenues, 360 Mall, Souk Sharq, Shamiya Mall, The Gate Mall

  • SALMIYA: Salmiya comes second on our list of best cities to visit in Kuwait. Located along the Persian Gulf coast, Salmiya is only 10 km from Kuwait City. It is a bustling residential and commercial area and a haven for shoppers. Salmiya is visited for its shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, and beachfront promenades. Hence, you can walk along the corniche while taking in views of the Gulf.

Attractions: Marina Crescent, Pyramid Mosque,  Maritime Museum, picnic at Green Island, The Scientific Center (aquarium and an IMAX cinema)

Activities: Relaxing on the beach, shopping, dining at various international restaurants

Shopping Places: Olympia Mall, Boulevard Mall, Marina Mall, Cube Mall, Al Salam Mall, Al Fanar Mall

  • HAWALLI: Adjacent to Salmiya, Hawalli is another name among the best cities to visit in Kuwait. Hawalli is among the most important governorates of the six Kuwait Provinces or Governorates. It is famous for its vibrant street markets (Tunis Street, Beirut Street), art, and murals. Here, you’ll find a mix of modern shops, traditional markets, and plenty of restaurants and cafes. Thus, it is a perfect place for art enthusiasts and those interested in urban culture.

Attractions: Bait Al Outhman Museum, Hawalli Park, Wahran Park

Activities: Shopping, visit Mirror House, relax at parks and beaches

Shopping Places: Marina Mall, Al-Muhallab Mall, The Promenade Mall & Al-Othman Tower, The Avenues

  • AL AHMADI: Home to the headquarters of Kuwait Oil Company and several oil refineries, Al Ahmadi is located south of Kuwait City. It is a planned community with well-maintained parks, recreational facilities, and a unique blend of modern and traditional architecture. Moreover, the Ahmadi Oil Refinery is an iconic industrial site and offers guided tours. Thus, Al Ahmadi is one of the serene cities to visit in Kuwait, away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Attractions: Ahmadi Park, Al Khiran Beach, Al Kout Beach, Al-Mutlaa Garden, Fahaheel Park

Activities: Exploring parks, shopping, and outdoor activities

Shopping Places: Al Liwan Mall, Kuwait Magic Mall, Al Kout Mall

Other Popular Cities To Visit In Kuwait

  • JAHRA: No list of the best cities to visit in Kuwait would be complete without mentioning Jahra. It is the capital of the Jahra Governorate, one of the six governorates of Kuwait. Located in the northwest of Kuwait, Jahra or Al-Jarrah is one of the oldest settlements in the country and boasts a rich historical heritage. Visit the Jahra Fort, which dates back to the 18th century, and learn about the history of Kuwait.

Attractions: Jahra Fort, Al Jahra Gate, Jahra Copse, Slayyel Castle, Al-Jahra Nature Reserve, Albohayra Farm

Activities: Exploring historical sites, visiting museums

Shopping Places: Jahra Mall, Awtad Mall, Al Manar Mall

  • FARWANIYA: Farwaniya is centrally located within Kuwait, making it a vibrant hub for various activities. It features residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Farwaniya also boasts a dense and diverse population. Thus, all this makes Farwaniya a melting pot of cultures and also among the best cities to visit in Kuwait. Does that sound interesting?

Attractions: Farwaniya Park, Farwaniya Palace, Kids Village

Activities: Visiting parks, exploring local attractions

Shopping Places: Maghateer Center, Al Daboos Mall, Al Hamra Mall

  • JABRIYA: Conclude your Kuwait adventure with a visit to Jabriya. Located in the Hawalli Governorate in Kuwait, Jabriya is one of the largest suburbs and top cities to visit in Kuwait. It has well-developed residential areas with schools, hospitals, shopping centers, parks, and other facilities. Jabriya is considered a relatively upscale and convenient area to live in Kuwait.

Attractions: Jabriya Park, Mazaya Center Tower Jabriya, Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Calligraphy  

Activities: Shopping, enjoying local parks

Shopping Places: Arabella Mall


Kuwait is a relatively small country, so you can easily explore these close-knit cities and multiple areas within a few days. Each of these seven cities has its unique charm and attractions-cultural experiences, shopping, dining, and entertainment. Be sure to also soak in the local culture, cuisine, and hospitality during your visit. Hence, it is worth exploring these cities to get a well-rounded experience of the diverse offerings of Kuwait. Remember, Kuwait is a conservative country, so you must respect local customs and traditions while visiting. Additionally, check for any travel advisories or entry requirements before planning your trip, as they may change over time. Enjoy your trip to Kuwait!


  • Is Uber available in Kuwait?

Yes, Uber is functional in Kuwait.

  • What are the traditional foods to try in Kuwait?

Mutabbaq samak, Harees, Jireesh, Machboos Laham, Gers ogaily, Margoog, Tashreeb, Fatayer, and Shawarma are some traditional foods of Kuwait.

  • Can I drink alcohol in Kuwait?

Drinking or possessing alcohol is illegal in Kuwait.

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