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All You Need To Know Before A Tour To Shimla      

 A Comprehensive Shimla Guide For First-Time Visitors: An Extraordinary Experience

Are you planning a tour of Shimla? It is a great choice! Nestled in the Himalayan foothills, Shimla is a popular hill station in India known for its natural beauty, colonial architecture, and pleasant climate. Its timeless charm captivates travelers, whether you’re an adventurer, history buff, nature lover, or food enthusiast. The capital city of Himachal Pradesh offers countless attractions and experiences for first-time visitors. Curious about where to start your much-awaited trip to Shimla from? Well, planning a trip to Shimla can be an exciting adventure. Through this article, we’ll explore Shimla highlighting its attractions, climate, culture, and overall experience. Here’s a curated list of some of the best places to visit in Shimla for an unforgettable first-time experience. Let’s help you make the most of your trip.

The Queen of Hill Stations: Places To Visit In Shimla For First-Time Visitors


Known as the Queen of Hills, Shimla is perched at an altitude of approximately 2,205 meters in the Himalayan foothills. It experiences a relatively mild and pleasant summer with temperatures ranging between 15°C to 30°C. Hence, Shimla is a perfect summer escape from the scorching heat of the plains. In contrast, winters are chilly with sub-zero temperatures. Thus, snowfall, a common characteristic transforms the town into a winter wonderland for tourists.     

Best Time to Visit

March to June (summer) is the peak tourist season when the weather is pleasant and suitable for outdoor activities.

October to February (winter) is ideal for snow enthusiasts to experience snowfall and enjoy winter sports.

How to Reach Shimla

Shimla is relatively easier to reach as it is well-connected by road, rail, and air.

By Air: The nearest domestic airport is Jubbarhatti Airport, 22 km from Shimla. Yet, it has limited connectivity. Instead, you can fly to Chandigarh or Delhi and then take a road trip or a connecting flight to Shimla. The nearest major airport is Chandigarh International Airport, around 113 km away.

By Train: The Kalka Railway Station is the nearest railhead, about 96 kilometers away. At Kalka, you can take the famous Kalka-Shimla toy train, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to reach Shimla.    

By Road: Shimla is a popular weekend getaway for tourists from nearby states as it is well-connected to North Indian cities through a network of national and state highways. Let’s view its distance from Delhi (350km), Ludhiana (218km), Ladakh (720km), and Kullu (210km). You may drive, hire a taxi, or take a bus from nearby cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, or Manali.

Local Transport

Once in Shimla, you can avail of taxis, auto-rickshaws, buses, and shared cabs. Since the town is compact, most places in Shimla can be best explored on foot.


Shimla offers a range of accommodation options, including luxury hotels, resorts, budget guesthouses, and homestays.

However, book your stay in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Tourist Attractions

Shimla boasts a picturesque setting with lush green hills, snow-capped peaks, and colonial architecture. This charismatic city retains a colonial charm with its grand Victorian-style buildings. Take note of the best places to visit in Shimla.           

The Ridge: The Ridge secures the first spot among the best places to visit in Shimla. Located in the city center, it offers breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. The Ridge is a bustling open space with historical buildings, shops, and cafes, perfect for a stroll.

Mall Road: This iconic shopping street is lined with shops, cafes, restaurants, and heritage buildings. It is a great place to enjoy local food, shop for souvenirs, or take a leisurely walk.

Jakhu Temple: Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, this temple is situated atop Jakhoo Hill and offers panoramic views of Shimla.

Christ Church: Located on the Ridge, this is one of the oldest churches in Northern India. Being a beautiful example of Neo-Gothic architecture has earned it a spot among the top places to visit in Shimla.     

Kufri: Located about 13 kilometers from Shimla, Kufri is famous for its beautiful landscapes. This scenic hill station is known for its trekking trails and adventure activities like skiing and sledding during the winter. Additionally, the Himalayan Nature Park is a popular tourist attraction.

 Where To Visit In Shimla For The First Time- charming hill stations, waterfalls, and museums

Summer Hill: This scenic spot is about 5 kilometers from Shimla. It’s a serene place with lush green surroundings that offers splendid views of the valley.

Chadwick Falls: A short drive from Shimla (7 km), these falls are most beautiful during the monsoon season. The natural wonder is among the most beautiful places to visit in Shimla for nature admirers.  

Shimla State Museum: It houses a rich collection of artifacts, miniature paintings, and sculptures, providing insight into the cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh.

Chail: About an hour’s drive from Shimla, Chail is known for the highest cricket ground in the world (2444 meters above sea level). Chail Palace (a luxury hotel), the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, and Sadhupul Lake are also worth a visit.

Himalayan Bird Park: Located on Mall Road, this park is home to diverse bird species indigenous to the region. It is a tranquil spot perfect for birdwatching.

Outdoor Activities

Nature Walks: Shimla offers picturesque trails like the Shimla-Kalka Heritage Walk, Chadwick Falls, and the scenic Tattapani hot springs.

Adventure Sports: Are you an adventure buff? Shimla offers opportunities for trekking, paragliding, snowboarding, and skiing (in winter) in nearby areas like Kufri and Narkanda.

Shopping: Tourists can shop for handicrafts, woolen clothes, souvenirs, and local crafts on Mall Road and Lakkar Bazaar.

Local Cuisine

Try local Himachali dishes like Chana Madra, Dham, Babru, and the famous Himachali Dham. You can also savor Tibetan cuisine and international dishes at various restaurants in Shimla. Also, try the famous Shimla apples.


Shimla experiences a temperate climate in summer and is cold in winter. So, pack accordingly, with warm clothing for winter and light clothing for summer. Also, carry comfortable walking shoes.

Local Etiquette

Respect the local customs and traditions.


Hindi and English are commonly spoken, but knowing a few basic Hindi phrases can be helpful.

Shimla gets quite crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons, so plan your visit accordingly. Remember to check for any travel advisories or updates regarding Shimla before your trip. Enjoy your trip and soak in the natural beauty and charm of this hill station!

In conclusion, Shimla offers unmatched experiences to travelers seeking respite in the lap of nature. It attracts countless visitors for its natural beauty, pleasant climate, cosmopolitan culture, and mesmerizing landscapes. Offering a tranquil retreat from bustling city life, each place in Shimla exudes its unique charm, attractions, and experiences. The mountains are calling! So, add these places to visit in Shimla to your holiday bucket list now. Trust us when we say that you’re bound to be mesmerized by the splendor of the Himalayas and create lifelong memories.


  • Which are the best places to visit in Shimla at night?

The Ridge, Jakhu Temple, Lakkar Bazaar, Mall Road, Scandal Point, and nightclubs are the best places to explore in Shimla at night

  • In which month does it snow in Shimla?

 Mid-December to February are the best months to experience snowfall in Shimla.

  • What is the average temperature of Shimla?

Shimla has a mild and pleasant summer with temperatures ranging between 15°C to 30°C. Winters are chilly with temperatures ranging from 8°C to -7°C.

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