Best Rock climbing Places In India

Best Rock climbing Places In India

A Guide to Exciting Rock Climbing Places in India

The blog provides a comprehensive guide to both beginning and experienced climbers seeking the Best Rock climbing Places In India. It explores thrilling locations in the diverse regions of North, South, West, and Central India, highlighting the landscapes and terrain each offers.

Sar Pass, Himachal Pradesh: 

Get a challenging rock climbing experience with breathtaking views of the Pir Panjal range. Nagaru is popular for easy-to-moderate routes, suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers.

Miyar Valley, Himachal Pradesh:

 It is known as “Himachal’s Valley of Flowers”, with stunning views of snow-covered peaks. Toro Peak offers one of the most exciting expeditions for rock climbers.

Shey Rock, Jammu and Kashmir: 

Shey Rock has well-protected routes suitable for climbers of all skill levels. There are over 200 climbing routes with strong safety measures.

Chatru, Himachal Pradesh: 

Situated at the confluence of Spiti and Kullu valleys, it offers a beautiful remote climbing experience. Phil Chatru is popular despite its rural setting, attracting climbers to its exciting terrain.

Hampi, Karnataka: 

Abundant granite boulders make it one of India’s best climbing destinations. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a challenging rock climbing experience.

Pythal Mala, Kerala:

Located in the Western Ghats, Pythal Mala provides a serene setting for traditional rock climbing. Additionally, you can get a unique climbing experience along with camping, hiking, and nature watching.

Badami, Karnataka:

 It features historical significance with temples and rock carvings that attract climbers from various parts of the world. Sandstone formations offer exciting crack climbing opportunities.

Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra: 

Perfect for trekking and climbing with varied routes which is suitable for all skill levels.

Pavagadh, Gujarat: 

Home to Maa Mahakalika temple with fascinating rock formations for climbers. Operators provide the necessary gear for hassle-free climbing experiences.

Lado Sarai, Delhi: 

Located in the center of Delhi, the site offers stable rocks for climbing along with boating and bird watching.

Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh: 

Spectacular views of hills and challenging terrain make it an ideal rock climbing spot. A variety of sedimentary rocks provides excellent grip for climbers.

If you looking for an adventures and varied topography for rock climbing, then here’s the detailed explanation of Best Rock climbing Places In India.

Exploring Rock Climbing Destinations in North India

1. Sar Pass 

Sar Pass is a great place to go rock climbing. Even though they are shorter, some routes are just as difficult and offer breathtaking view of the Pir Panjal range. Climbers from all over the world travel to this location because of its breathtaking views, difficult routes, and towering granite cliffs. 

Nagaru, known for its easy-to-moderate routes, is one of the most popular climbing locations in Sar Pass. Additionally, this is an excellent spot for new climbers to start or for more experienced climbers to warm up. On the other hand, head to Bijli Mahadev if you are searching for a really remote and challenging rock climbing experience.

●Location: Himachal Pradesh
●Height: 14,000 ft
●Season: May-June and September-October

2. Miyar Valley 

Trekking, rock climbing, breathtaking views, and much more are waiting for visitors in this steep rock-side valley and meadows on the outskirts of Leh. For those looking for a quiet, remote location for an exciting experience, Miyar Valley is ideal. 

With a breathtaking view of at least fifteen snow-covered peaks, the valley popularly known as “Himachal’s Valley of Flowers” would definitely be a treat. Climbing the rocks offers views of the massive Himalayan peaks. Professionals go to Toro Peak in Miyar Valley for one of the most difficult expeditions because it offers an adrenaline rush as they ascend through the harsh terrain of the valley. 

●Location: Himachal Pradesh
●Height: 13,800 ft
●Season: August to mid-October

3. Shey Rock 

A prominent rock structure in Jammu and Kashmir, Shey Rock is one of the Best Rock Climbing Places In India you should visit. Furthermore, well-protected routes of varying degrees of difficulty make it a popular destination for rock climbers of all skill levels.

With more than 200 routes to pick from, Shey Rock is a well-developed climbing location. Bolts and anchors provide strong protection for the routes, and the rock is often in good shape. The South Wall, Main Wall, and Hiram Crack are the three most frequented climbing locations.

●Location: Jammu and Kashmir
●Height: 11,000 ft
●Season: November to March

4. Chatru 

Chatru lies at the beginning of the brown-arid Spiti valley and the end of the verdant Kullu valley. Moreover, as Chatru is tucked in between several mountain ranges, climbing there is a beautiful experience.

It is a remote location situated on the Chandra River’s banks across the popular Rohtang Pass, making it an exciting destination. Phil Chatru is a renowned rock climbing destination in India despite being a rural place. 

●Location: Himachal Pradesh
●Height. 11100 feet
●Season: August to Mid-October

Finding the Best Rock Climbing Spots in South India

5. Hampi 

Hampi is by far the most frequently visited and one of the Best Rock climbing Places In India. There are plenty of granite boulders in the Hampli terrain. You can rent a bicycle to get to the location and go on rock climbing adventures. The rock is brutal on fingers with its jagged edges and tiny holes, so be prepared for it. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the best months to go climbing are October to March.

●Location: Karnataka 
●Height. 1481 ft
●Season: October to March

6. Pythal Mala 

Pythal Mala is ideally situated for rock climbing and other adventurous activities. Moreover, nestled in the greenery of the Western Ghats, the location is serene for rock climbers. Additionally, travellers flock in groups to this location each year to take part in the exhilarating rock climbing expeditions.

Compared to more sport-oriented climbing found elsewhere, the traditional climbing style offered here provides a unique experience from other India’s rock formations. Other activities you can try in Pythal Mala include camping, hiking, and nature watching.

●Location: Kerala
●Height. 4500 ft
●Season: October to February 

7. Badami 

The most amazing thing about Badami is that the indigenous people value the distinctive rock formations for their historical significance, much as climbers do. Moreover, there are temples with rock carvings that would entice climbers.

The sandstone at Badami also provides excellent crack climbing on corners and splitters. This red granite has exquisitely cut for hardest rock climbing route. Still, there are enough of beginner climbers to lead and trad routes available.

●Location: Karnataka
●Height. 1,923 ft
●Season: November and March 

Top Rock Climbing Locations in West India

8. Malshej Ghat 

Malshej Ghat is the perfect place for Trekking and rock climbing, thus making it one of the Best Rock Climbing Places In India. Situated on the Thane-Pune Road, the place boasts an average height of almost 700 meters, along with rocks that have an unusual slope.

Moreover, the quality of the climbing and the variety of the routes will amaze you. For climbers of any skill levels, Malshej Ghat is a perfect location. Additionally, everybody can find enjoyable routes, and the helpful climbing community is always willing to share knowledge and words of encouragement.

●Location: Maharashtra
●Height. 2,297 ft
●Season: October to March

●Location: Gujarat
●Height. 2,700 ft
●Season: October to February

9. Pavagadh 

If you are inspired to climb higher along with the good spirit, then Gujarat’s Pavagadh Peak would be the right choice. It is one of India’s 51 Shakti peers and the home of Maa Mahakalika, so devotees visit there year-round. Both learners and professionals in rock climbing would be fascinated by the various rock formations surrounding the top. Many operators here provide appropriate gear to ensure hassle-free rock climbing. 

●Location: Gujarat
●Height. 2,700 ft
●Season: October to February

Best Rock Climbing Escapes in Central India

10. Lado Sarai 

There are many locations in Delhi where rock climbing is possible, but Lado Sarai, which is located in the center of the city, is regarded as one of the Best Rock climbing Places In India. This place is great for rock climbing and offers stable old rocks for a fun weekend outing. Apart from rock climbing, there’s boating and bird watching to enjoy. The park where the rocks you will be climbing is situated on the route between Qutub Minar and Saket metro stations. 

●Location: Delhi
●Height. 25 – 30 ft
●Season: October to March.

11. Pachmarhi 

Rock climbing at Pachmarhi offers a combination of spectacular views of the surrounding hills and vegetation, coupled with challenging terrain that must be conquered. Moreover, these rough sedimentary rocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing excellent grip for climbing. Additionally, you can start your ascent from one of the many camps set up here for rock climbing. Ultimately, you will be rewarded with a mesmerizing view of the hills upon reaching the summit.

●Location: Madhya Pradesh
●Height. 3500 ft
●Season: October to June


India is seeing a rapid surge in the popularity of rock climbing as more and more locations are being explored by experienced climbers. Additionally, with the usage of advanced equipment, there is a lower possibility of injury and increased chances of an amazing experience. Furthermore, any of the Best Rock-climbing Places In India mentioned above can be the right place to start your rock climbing journey.


1.How popular is climbing in India?

For the sole experience of bouldering and rock climbing at different locations, rock climbers from all over the world began to travel to India. At the same time, an increasing number of Indian climbers began to practice rock climbing in various parts of India.

2.Is rock climbing difficult and demanding for beginners? 
Every task that is done for the first time is difficult. It’s the same with rock climbing. Beginners may not find it as difficult as many people pick it up quickly, even when they are doing it for the first time. 

3. Which locations in India are the best for rock climbing? 

In India, the best locations for rock climbing are Sar Pass, Miyar Valley Shey Rock, Pythal Mala, Hampi, Badami, Malshej Ghat and Lado Sarai.

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