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Top 10 zip-lining spots to enjoy in India

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The blog discusses the excitement of zip-lining across India, providing a comprehensive guide to the top 10 locations for this activity nationwide. It begins with an introduction to zip-lining as a thrilling adventure sport, highlighting nature’s magnificence from an aerial perspective. It aims to help enthusiasts choose the best zip-lining sites in the country for a truly memorable experience at reasonable costs.

Under the section focusing on spots with historical significance, Rishikesh emerges as a popular spiritual centre, also offering exciting activities such as zip-lining. In the Mohanchatti area of Rishikesh, a 500-meter ride offers breathtaking mountain views, cementing its status as a top choice internationally. Neemrana Fort, a historic village in Alwar, receives mention as another premier destination, with thrilling rides spanning the Aravalli hill ranges.

The part examining perfect locations for seasonal fun highlights Kerwa Dam’s 520-meter line for scenic panoramas and abundant wildlife. Goa, renowned for its pristine beaches, also gains recognition as a top-ranked spot, providing amazing rides starting from Dharbandora village.

The article explores adventure points providing the longest experiences, featuring Munnar in Kerala with its 1,800-meter zip, unveiling captivating views of tea plantations and greenery. Manali, situated at an elevation of 6,000 feet, boasts India’s longest and highest line, unveiling picturesque vistas from the summit.

The segment introducing northeast India cites Buranskhanda at 8,600 feet above sea level, combining zip-lining with biking, camping, trekking, and nature walks. Mussoorie, a beautiful hill town in Uttarakhand, houses one of the highest lines globally, reaching speeds of up to 90 km/h.

The blog further highlights amazing weekend destinations like Kolad in Maharashtra, ideal for busy Mumbai and Pune residents. The Kundalika River earns mention as one of India’s top zip-lining spots. Kikar Lodge, the site of one of South Asia’s longest rides, offers breathtaking panoramas near Chandigarh.

In the end, the article encourages thrill-seekers to experience zip-lining across India, providing details on each location’s best visiting period, access, and approximate costs.

Best zip-lining spots with a historical vibe


Rishikesh is a popular spiritual hub in India. But Rishikesh is also a favorite destination for tourists who want to engage in thrilling activities like river rafting, trekking, mountain biking, and rappelling. Zip-lining is one of the main attractions that tourists from all over the world want to enjoy in Rishikesh. If you plan a trip to Mohanchatti, Rishikesh, you can enjoy a 500-meter zip-line ride. You can look at breathtaking mountains while your adrenaline is pumping. Rishikesh also has other attractions for tourists despite being one of the best zip-lining locations in India.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year, except the monsoon season

How to reach: Take a bus from Shivpuri to Rishikesh. You can reach the spot in under 30 minutes

Approximate cost: INR 1500 per person

Neemrana Fort

Neemrana is another popular location to do adventurous activities in India. It is a historical village in Alwar that is about 100 kilometers from Delhi. Neemrana offers zip-lining across Aravalli hill ranges, royal forts, and other major tourist attractions. The Big B (175 meters), Qila Slammer (330 meters), Pussy Galore (90 meters), Farewell Mr. Bond (250 meters), and Where Eagles Dare (400 meters) are the top zip-lines at Neemrana Flying Fox. So, get your buddies together and plan a trip to this place to try Zip-lining in India

Best time to visit: During the winter months

How to reach: This spot is only 130 km away from Delhi. You can take a taxi or bus to reach here. Delhi is well connected to major cities of India.

Approximate cost: INR 2000 per person

Perfect zip-lining spots for seasonal fun 

Kerwa Dam

The 520-meter-long Kerwa Dam is one of the longest zip lines in India. It lets tourists visually experience the picturesque scenery and abundant wildlife present nearby. This zip line begins on the hill and goes across Karwa Lake. If you’re a first-timer trying Zip-lining in India, it’s an exciting opportunity to see the beauty of nature from an aerial view. The zip-line starts from 20-foot-high platforms and ends near the café at the Piknik Complex. 

Best time to visit: November to February

How to reach: You can drive to Kerwa Dam from Bhopal. You also have trains to Bhopal.

Approximate cost: INR 500 – INR 1000 per person


Everyone knows about the untouched beauty of Goa’s beaches. The city also has water sports facilities, monuments, and greenery. Apart from the nature and adventure options it offers, it is also one of the top-ranked places to enjoy zip-line rides in India. Goa’s sky-ride zip-line spot starts in Dharbandora village. So, if you want to add extra excitement to your trip and enjoy breathtaking scenery, try zip-lining in Goa.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

How to reach: Get a cab or taxi to Dharbondora, located just 25 km from Panaji.

Approximate cost: INR 300 to INR 500 per person

Adventure points for longest zip-lining experience


Munnar is a hilly region with tea farms that offer captivating views to revitalize your mind and soul. It also boasts the longest zipline in India, and it spans 1800 meters. Nature lovers will find this place as a getaway to enjoy the destination’s greenery and beauty. Munnar is one of the liveliest places to enjoy Zip-lining in India

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

How to reach: Zipline takes place in Munnar near Tent Camp, Pothamedu. It is about 13 km from Anachal. You can take a taxi or rental bike to reach the spot.

Approximate cost: INR 450 per hour per person


Manali is India’s most picturesque location for enjoying the weather and is the center of adventure sports. At an elevation of 6000 feet, this zipline runs for a length of 525 miles, making it the longest and highest in India. While zip-lining here, you can enjoy the picturesque views from the summit. The demand for zip-lining in Manali increases in the winter months. There are additional things to try, such as skiing, trekking, paragliding, and so forth. Manali is another amazing location in India where you can zip-line with your friends and family. 

Best time to visit: During the winter season

How to reach: Bhuntar is the nearest airport, which is just 50 km away.

Approximate cost: Starts from INR 500 per person

Best locations to enjoy zip-lining in northeast India


Buranskhanda is one of the best locations to enjoy Zip-lining in India with friends and family. This place is also the most popular weekend getaway for Indians who want to escape the hectic pace of everyday life. Buranskhanda’s zip-line is a must-try experience if you truly love adventure because it is located 8,600 feet above sea level. You can also go for mountain biking, camping, trekking, and nature walks apart from zip-lining in this place.

Best time to visit: November to March

How to reach: The spot is only 6 km from Dhanaulti. You can get a bus or a cab to the Snow Adventure Zone.

Approximate cost: INR 1500 – INR 2000 per person


Mussoorie is a picturesque hill town located in Uttarakhand, India. Mussoorie also features safe and thrilling zip-lining adventures and is home to one of the highest ziplines in the world. This zip-line sits 600 feet above sea level and offers views of stunning scenery and wildlife. Travelers can encounter exhilarating adventures as the zip-line here can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h. 

Best time to visit: August to February

How to reach: The nearest airport is Jollygrant Airport in Dehradun

Approximate cost: INR 400 – INR 500 per person

Amazing zip-lining spots for weekend fun


If you are a busy Indian and want to try Zip-lining in India, Kolad in Maharashtra is the ideal weekend destination for you. It is great for those in Mumbai and Pune looking to take a mental break and get away from their daily grind. The Kundalika River is one of India’s top zip-lining locations. The place is also so rich in breathtaking scenery. At a notable height of 40 meters above sea level, Kolad is one of the best places to zip-line and go river rafting in India.

Best time to visit: Monsoon season

How to reach: If you want to travel from Mumbai, get a taxi or a bus to Kolad or take the Indrayani Express from Pune to Lonavala, then take the route to Kolad. 

Approximate cost: INR 1000 to INR 2500 per person

Kikar lodge 

Kikar Lodge is one of the longest ziplines in South Asia and is 15 km long. Kikar Lodge offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape when zip-lining. It is the ideal place to hang out on the weekends with friends and family. It is situated in the village of Nurpur Bedi, which is close to Chandigarh.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

How to reach: Board a train to Anandpur Sahib railway station or rent a taxi from Chandigarh.

Approximate cost: INR 1200 per person


Zip-lining is an amazing activity where you can enjoy the thrill of adventure and catch glimpses of picturesque views. If you are ready to try Zip-lining in India, choose the option that is most convenient to you and enjoy your time. 


Which is the longest zip line in India?

Munnar in Kerala has India’s longest zipline, with 1800 meters in length. You can enjoy the city and woodland views from the top. 

What is the best time to zip-line?

This depends upon the location you are visiting. Because of the intense rain that could be hazardous for inexperienced hikers, it is advised to avoid zip-lining during the monsoon season.

How much money does it cost to zip-line?

In India, ziplining typically costs between INR 1000 and INR 2000, and the ride is well worth the money.

Did you know?

India is one of the best places in the world to enjoy zip-lining

Zip-lining is one of the safest and most affordable adventure options

People who tried zip-lining say it is one of the most thrilling adventures. 

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