Best Places To Visit Amritsar

Want To See Whole Punjab, Visit Amritsar: Check the Best Places To Visit In Amritsar

Exploring the Essence of Punjab: A Comprehensive Journey through Amritsar

Amritsar, a city steeped in history and culture, is a gateway to the heart of Punjab, a northwestern state of India. As one steps onto its soil, they embark on a journey that encapsulates the essence of Punjab, its people, traditions, landmarks, cuisine, and spirituality. Let this guide help you understand how one can explore the diverse facets of Punjab within the confines of Amritsar. So, are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through this land of exuberance and tradition? Here are some of the top places to visit in Amritsar:

How To Reach Amritsar

Amritsar is easily accessible from other parts of India by road, rail, and air.

By Air

Amritsar has an international airport named Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, which is 10 km away from the city. You can avail of flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Srinagar, Bangalore, and Chennai. Also, Uzbekistan Airways and Qatar Airways operate flights for Doha, Tashkent, and Dubai.

By Rail

Amritsar Railway Station connects to all cities within Punjab. Several trains run from Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Agra, Hyderabad, and other cities.

By Road

Amritsar is well connected with its neighboring states by bus. Government and private buses ply from Delhi (460 km), Dharamsala (186 km), Dalhousie (176 km), Jammu (200 km) and Shimla (315 km). The Grand Trunk Road links Delhi and Amritsar.

A Gateway to the Heart of Punjab: Best Places To Visit In Amritsar

Historical Significance 

Amritsar’s history intertwines with the broader historical tapestry of Punjab.

Jallianwala bagh
  • Jallianwala Bagh: This historical site commemorates the tragic Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919, where British troops indiscriminately opened fire on unarmed civilians. A visit to this solemn memorial garden reminds us of the indomitable spirit of Punjab and the sacrifices made during the struggle for independence. Furthermore, the Ram Bagh Gardens, Gobindgarh Fort, and Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum showcases architectural brilliance, and artiacts, and offer insights into the royal legacy of Punjab. Hence, these historical sites are popular places to visit in Amritsar.    

Spiritual Sanctity

Next on our list of the top places to visit in Amritsar is its most iconic landmark, the Golden Temple. The stunning temple is a testament to this legacy that echoes the devotion rooted deep within Punjab’s ethos.

  • The Glorious Golden Temple: Epitome of Spirituality and Unity
Harmandir Sahib

At the heart of Amritsar lies the revered Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of Sikhism. The crown jewel of Amritsar, also known as Harmandir Sahib, symbolizes spiritual devotion and unity for the Sikh community and beyond. Its gleaming golden facade, surrounded by the sacred Amrit Sarovar (pool), exudes tranquility. Also, its dome is gilded with 750kg of pure gold. Isn’t that fascinating? Moreover, visitors of all faiths are welcome to experience the serenity and spirituality that envelops the shrine. The daily prayers, soothing hymns, and the collective spirit of service through voluntary work foster unity. Thus, the Golden Temple is not just a place of worship but also a symbol of brotherhood and equality.

  • Langar: Community and Equality

Adjacent to the Golden Temple is the Langar, a remarkable tradition that exemplifies the values of community and equality. Visitors can partake in the community service of langar (free communal kitchen) that feeds over 100,000 people daily. Thus, this practice embodies the spirit of Punjab, emphasizing unity and inclusivity in a world often divided by differences.

*Wagah Border Retreat Ceremony: Where Nations Unite

Wagah Border

Wagah Border: A short drive from Amritsar takes you to the Wagah Border, a site where the nationalistic fervor of Punjab is on full display. The Wagah Border Retreat Ceremony is a captivating patriotic spectacle featuring elaborate drills, flag lowering, and a charged atmosphere that draws crowds from both sides of the border. Thus, the energy, passion, and patriotism showcased here highlight the deep-rooted sense of identity and pride that defines Punjab. Curious to experience this remarkable event? If so, watch the daily ceremonial closing of the border between India and Pakistan at the Wagah Border, one of the best places to visit in Amritsar.       

*Museums and Galleries: A Glimpse of History

For those seeking a deeper understanding of Punjab’s history and culture, Amritsar offers a range of museums and galleries.

Partian Meuseum

Partition Museum: The Partition Museum provides insights into the tragic partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, which significantly impacted Punjab. Located in the Town Hall building, it features heart-wrenching stories, artifacts, and exhibits that shed light on this significant period.

Amritsar: A Window to the Vibrant Tapestry of Punjab

Culinary Odyssey: A Taste of Punjab

A journey through Punjab is incomplete without savoring its culinary treasures. Likewise, Amritsar is a gastronomic paradise, offering a medley of flavors that are the heart and soul of the state. Indulge in the succulent Amritsari kulcha, tandoori chicken, Makki di Roti with Sarson da Saag, the quintessential Punjabi breakfast of buttery aloo parathas,and rich creamy lassi. Further, the flavorsome journey extends to the bustling streets around the Golden Temple whichshowcases the vibrant street food culture that Punjab is known for. Are you excited to indulge in the gastronomiclegacy of Punjab? If so, enjoy these delectable dishes while experiencing the warmth of Punjabi hospitality through its food.

Traditional Arts and Crafts: Colors of Punjab

Marketplaces and Handicrafts 

Lahori Market Amritsar

Exploring the bustling streets of Amritsar reveals a mosaic of the vibrant culture of Punjab. From intricate Phulkari embroidery, traditional juttis (handcrafted footwear), and exquisite jewelry, the Hall Bazaar and Guru Bazaar are a treasure trove of Punjab’s artistic heritage. So, explore these markets to connect with the craftsmanship of Punjab and take a piece of its culture back home. Thus, the local markets showcasing Punjabi craftsmanship are among the favorite places to visit in Amritsar.

Cultural Extravaganza

Punjab bhangra kids

To experience the vibrant culture of Punjab, one must indulge in its folk music, dance, and festivals. The beats of the dhol (drum) and the exuberant bhangra dance are synonymous with the spirit of Punjab. Amritsar hosts cultural events that allow visitors to join in the festivities and immerse themselves in the rhythm of Punjab. Also, the colorful festival of Baisakhi and the jubilant Diwali illuminate the city with their energy, music, and celebrations. Hence, these festivals give tourists a firsthand experience of the Punjabi festive fervor.

Welcoming Spirit

Punjab is known for its hospitality, and Amritsar encapsulates this aspect flawlessly. Warmth, generosity, and a willingness to share their culture with visitors are deep-rooted in the hearts of the locals. Besides its physical attractions, the city’s charm further lies in the interactions with its welcoming people.


These best places to visit in Amritsar encapsulate the essence of Punjab in all its diversity. From the grandeur landmarks to the spiritual sanctuaries, the warmth of its people, flavorful cuisine, and spiritual fervor, all converge in Amritsar. Thus, it’s an immersive experience for visitors to see the whole of Punjab in a single destination. So, start planning a trip to Amritsar, the heart and soul of Punjab.

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Can we stay in the Golden Temple at night?

The temple complex has lodging facilities where you can stay free for three days.

Is the Wagah border open every day?

The Wagah Border is open throughout the year from 10 am to 4 pm.

What is the favourite tourist place for tourists in Amritsar?

The Golden Temple is the favorite among tourists in Amritsar.

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