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Why is Udaipur the best destination for newlywed couples

Honeymoon In Udaipur: Check the best places to visit in Udaipur

Nestled in the heart of Rajasthan, Udaipur exudes an aura of romanticism that makes it an unparalleled destination for newlyweds. Renowned as the City of Lakes and the Venice of the East, Udaipur boasts an enchanting blend of rich history, architectural grandeur, serene lakes, and vibrant culture. Its opulent palaces, tranquil lakes, luxurious honeymoon resorts, bustling markets, and majestic forts offer countless experiences creating the perfect backdrop filled with love, romance, and memorable moments. Is your marriage on the cards? Are you looking for a heartfelt escape with your partner? If so, Udaipur is an idyllic destination that encapsulates the essence of love, beauty, and heritage. Here are some of the best places to visit in Udaipur that will make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience:

Udaipur: A Romantic Haven For Newlyweds

Romantic Ambiance

The romantic ambiance of Udaipur stems from its rich history, intricate architecture, and breathtaking natural beauty. The city features tranquil lakes, regal palaces, and cobbled streets that evoke a sense of wonder among newlyweds. Also, the architectural marvels of Udaipur epitomize the grandeur of the bygone era. Hence, the picturesque setting and serenity make Udaipur an ideal place to celebrate love and embark on a journey of togetherness.

  • City Palace:  A symbol of opulence and grandeur, the City Palace offers panoramic views of Lake Pichola and the surrounding mountains. This sprawling complex boasts intricate architecture, manicured gardens, ornate balconies, and courtyards. Thus, the palace provides an ideal backdrop for romantic strolls to immerse themselves in Rajput royalty and capture timeless photographs. Couples can also witness the Mewar Sound and Light Show that narrates the history of the Mewar dynasty. Furthermore, the sunset views from the palace are breathtaking, casting a warm, golden hue over the surrounding landscapes. Doesn’t all of this make City Palace one of the most romantic places to visit in Udaipur?      
  • Lake Palace: Additionally, the Lake Palace, situated on an island in Lake Pichola, is another gem that epitomizes romance. The iconic palace, seemingly floating on the surface adds a touch of fantasy to the setting. However, it is now a luxurious hotel offering exclusive experiences for couples seeking privacy and luxury with stunning views.     

Lakeside Serenity

The shimmering lakes of Udaipur- Fatehsagar Lake, Lake Pichola, and Udai Sagar Lake provide a breathtaking backdrop for romantic conversations and quiet moments with your partner.

  • Lake Pichola: Lake Pichola is the crown jewel among the serene lakes of Udaipur. A sunset boat ride on the tranquil waters of Lake Pichola is a quintessential romantic experience for couples in Udaipur. The shimmering reflections of the surrounding palaces and Aravalli hills create a surreal experience for couples to share cherished moments.
  • Fateh Sagar Lake: Another pristine lake, Fateh Sagar, is dotted with islands and embellished by the Nehru Island Park. Thus, it creates an ethereal atmosphere that resonates with love and tranquility amidst nature.

The palaces and temples are bathed in a golden glow, creating a mesmerizing tableau as the sun sets. Hence, these serene lakes provide a picturesque backdrop for couples to enjoy boat rides, lakeside walks, and unforgettable sunset views. These lakes are among the best places to visit in Udaipur that elevate couples to a world of romance and elegance.

Luxurious Hotels and Heritage Hotels

Udaipur boasts an exquisite selection of opulent hotels and resorts that provide an indulgent escape for couples. Many heritage hotels transformed from old palaces and havelis offer extravagant suites, personal services, and world-class amenities. Likewise, these luxurious retreats exude regal charm offering new couples to experience the royal lifestyle. From heritage properties to modern boutique hotels, there are several options for couples seeking world-class comfort and service. To name a few are:

  • Taj Lake Palace
  • The Oberoi Udaivilas
  • Trident Udaipur
  • Fateh Prakash Palace
  • Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa
  • The Leela Palace
  • The Ananta

Sunset Points and Scenic Views

Udaipur is renowned for its legendary sunset vistas that cast a warm and magical glow over the landscapes.

Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace: The Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace, perched on a hill, offers panoramic vistas of the city and the lakes. Witness the city bathed in the warm hues of the setting sun, creating a magical backdrop for quiet moments and shared memories. It is particularly mesmerizing during the monsoon season when the clouds kiss the Aravalli hills, creating a romantic atmosphere. Thus, the Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace is one of the best places to visit in Udaipur that newlyweds will find captivating. So, revel in the peaceful surroundings and capture memorable moments of togetherness

Best Places To Visit In Udaipur: Romantic Experiences For Honeymooners       

Cultural Extravaganza

The vibrant cultural scene of Udaipur adds another layer of enchantment to its appeal for honeymooners. Udaipur’s rich cultural heritage comes alive through its bustling bazaars, festivals, traditional music, and dance performances. Couples can spend time together shopping for handicrafts, textiles, jewelry, and artwork that exhibits Rajasthani craftsmanship. Exploring these markets hand-in-hand adds a local flavor to the honeymoon experience. Also, collect souvenirs to commemorate the trip.

The Bagore Ki Haveli museum hosts cultural performances, including traditional dance forms like Kathak, puppet shows, and live music. These captivating performances portray local Rajasthani culture and offer couples to immerse themselves in vibrant traditions. Also, the annual Gangaur and Mewar Festival, celebrated with gusto, showcases colorful traditions with processions, folk performances, and lively markets.

Culinary Delights

Do you share a love for gastronomy as a couple? Udaipur’s culinary scene is a treat for the senses offering a concoction of royal Rajasthani dishes and international flavors. The city caters to diverse palates, from rooftop restaurants with stunning lake views to traditional Rajasthani thali spreads. Savoring local delicacies (dal-baati-churma and gatte ki sabzi) provides a taste of Rajasthan’s rich culinary heritage. You can also surprise your spouse with a private romantic candlelit dinner in palace-like settings of fine-dining restaurants. Isn’t that a great idea for a memorable date night with your mate? Hence, the gastronomic offerings of Udaipur will tantalize your taste buds and create fond memories with your loved one.

Romantic Strolls

Udaipur offers countless charming spots for couples to explore hand-in-hand and enjoy quality time together. So, strengthen your bond as you navigate the narrow lanes and bustling markets together.

  • Saheliyon Ki Bari: Known as the Garden of Maidens, this beautifully landscaped garden is adorned with splendid fountains, lotus pools, and marble pavilions. Built for the royal ladies of Udaipur, this garden exudes serenity for couples to unwind, take strolls, and spend quality time together.
  • Jag Mandir: Take a boat ride to Jag Mandir, an island palace on Lake Pichola. The intricate architecture and lush gardens provide a serene setting for romantic rendezvous.

Day Excursions

Udaipur also serves as a gateway to various attractions around its vicinity. Couples can explore the intricately carved temples of Eklingji and Nathdwara, known for their spiritual significance and architectural splendor. The Kumbhalgarh Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcases impressive fortifications and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Further, embark on day trips to Chittorgarh Fort and Ranakpur Jain Temple to explore their architectural grandeur and historical significance.  

Couples can also take a cable car ride to the Karni Mata Temple for panoramic views of the city and Lake Pichola. Hence, these sites are among the best places to visit in Udaipur for a romantic and unforgettable experience.

Relaxation and Wellness

After all the sightseeing and exploration, Udaipur presents a serene haven for couples to unwind and rejuvenate. The city houses numerous luxurious spa resorts and wellness retreats surrounded by lush gardens and tranquil waters.  Indulge in traditional Ayurvedic treatments, couples’ massages, and yoga sessions for your well-being. It is also a great way to bond with your partner in a serene environment.

Summing Up

The romantic allure of Udaipur for newlyweds lies in its seamless fusion of royal architecture, tranquil lakes, and breathtaking landscapes. The city’s timeless charm and warm hospitality beckons couples on a journey of love, exploration, and togetherness. From palace-studded hillsides to serene lakeshores, every corner of this city radiates  love and tranquility. Therefore, Udaipur offers an enchanting canvas upon which couples can paint their cherished memories of togetherness. So, explore these places together, strengthen your bond, and create everlasting memories with your loved one. Start planning to celebrate your union in this fascinating city.


  • What makes Udaipur a perfect honeymoon destination?

The natural beauty, rich heritage, romantic ambiance, and cultural vibrancy make Udaipur a perfect destination for newlywed couples.

  • What is the best time to visit Udaipur?

Udaipur is flocked by tourists during the winter months (September to March).

  • What does Udaipur offer for newlywed couples?

Udaipur offers an unforgettable experience that resonates with love and tranquility. Couples can explore magnificent palaces and forts, stay at luxurious hotels, visit sunset points, and enjoy boat rides and candlelit dinners.

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