Connecticut Beach Towns

Connecticut Beach Towns: the Top 8 Best Unique Places 2024

Are you tired of the busy city life? Looking for a peaceful coastal getaway? Look no further than beach towns. Having confused where you will get the best beach locations? Definitely, it will be Connecticut

Connecticut beach towns provide the ideal balance of rest and action. These towns have stunning beaches, quaint downtowns, and limitless recreational activities. Planning a trip with families? Or are you looking to enjoy your vacation with friends? 

Connecticut will be the best location. This beach location offers something for everyone. But if you don’t know where to begin your search for the best Connecticut beach town, here is the list to help you. 

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List of Best Beach Towns in Connecticut

Here are the list of Best Beach Towns in Connecticut:

#1 Greenwich

connecticut beach towns

Greenwich is located on the border of New York State. This town has a population of approximately 62,400. Greenwich is an ideal place to live all year round. 

There are numerous beaches to explore. Some of the familiar beaches are Fords Beach, Harbor Point Beach, and Hawthorne Beach. 

You must visit Greenwich Point Park. This park is often known as Tod’s Point among locals. It is located in Old Greenwich. This town is more suitable for summer vacation. This town has 1.5 miles of sandy beach.

Best Things to do: Swimming, Fishing, Sailboarding

Best time to visit: May to October

Number of beaches: 4 

Location: Click to locate

#2 Westbrook

Connecticut Beach Towns

Westport is one of the top Connecticut beach towns. It features three main beaches. Sherwood Island State Park spreads over 230 acres with plenty of fine, golden sand. The second familiar beach is Compo Beach. 

This beach offers a clean, town-owned, well-maintained slice of heaven. Old Mill is a small crescent shaped beach within walking distance of Compo. Head three miles into town to visit the newly revamped Westport Library. 

It overlooks the sparkling Saugatuck River. Here, you can attend an informative talk. You can also have some snacks at the cafe. You can catch a free outdoor concert at the Levitt Pavilion if you visit during the summer.

Best Things to do: Sunbathing and Swimming, Water Activities

Best time to visit: Mid June to Mid-September.

Number of beaches: 6

Location: Click to locate

#3 Madison

Connecticut Beach Towns

The next beach town on this list is Madison. Among many Connecticut beach towns, Madison is a charming coastal town that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and small town New England charm. The town is home to Hammonasset Beach State Park.  

This is the largest shoreline park in Connecticut, with over 2 miles of sandy beach. Madison also has a peaceful downtown. This place has many independent shops and restaurants. This place also holds excellent schools and a strong sense of community. 

Madison is known for its beautiful scenery. The presence of the Hammonasset River winding through town and the Long Island Sound provides stunning views. 

Best Things to do: Swimming, an Excellent place for a wedding

Best time to visit: May to August

Number of beaches: 9

Location: Click to locate

#4 Old Saybrook 

Connecticut Beach Towns

Do you and your sweetheart dream of living in a beach area? It is time to start experiencing it! Old Saybrook is the oldest Connecticut beach towns. This is perfect for romantic getaways. The town is home to two excellent beaches such as Town Beach and Harvey’s Beach. 

Harvey’s Beach is a popular destination. This beach will be the perfect destination for a long walk. The beach features amenities like lifeguards, concessions, a playground, and changing rooms. Town Beach is also a highly-rated beach in Connecticut. 

Old Saybrook’s beaches are conveniently located near the charming downtown area and the Saybrook Point Resort & Marina. This offers comfortable accommodations with stunning water views.

Best Things to do: Hiking, Biking, Building Sandcastles

Best time to visit: May to October

Number of beaches: 7

Location: Click to locate

#5 Fairfield

Connecticut Beach Towns

Looking for the best beaching experience in Connecticut beach towns? Then, choose Fairfield as your first option. This town holds five beaches. Penfield Beach, Jennings Beach, Sasco Beach, Southport Beach, and South Pine Creek Beach are the best notable beaches at Fairfield. 

Jennings Beach is a particularly specific beach. This beach features a long stretch of sand. So, this will be better for those who prefer long walks at the beach. Penfield Beach offers multiple options for eaters. This beach also has a playground. 

At Penfield Beach, you can go boating, bicycling, and special events like summer concerts and fireworks displays. Overall, Fairfield provides a unique blend of natural beauty, amenities, and community events that make it an ideal beach destination.

Best Things to do: Bask in the sun, Enjoy Jennings Beach, Relax at Sasco Beach

Best time to visit: September to May

Number of beaches: 5

Location: Click to locate

#6 East Lyme 

Connecticut Beach Towns

East Lyme is a charming Connecticut beach towns, which is known for its vibrant seaside atmosphere. In town, The Niantic Bay Boardwalk is a must-visit place. This place offers stunning views of the bay. McCook Point Beach and Park is a popular spot. 

Here you can go swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking. Rocky Neck State Park provides a more natural setting. This setting has hiking trails and opportunities for birdwatching. The beaches in this town are clean. 

This beach is perfect for families. Couples who are looking for a relaxing getaway can choose this beach. The beaches in this town have picturesque scenery. East Lyme is an ideal destination for a beach vacation in Connecticut.

Best Things to do: Sunbathing, Beach walks, picnicking.

Best time to visit: April to November

Number of beaches: 7

Location: Click to locate

#7 Milford

Connecticut Beach Towns

Milford is one of the popular Connecticut beach towns, which has several beaches to visit. Bayview Beach, Fort Trumbull Beach, Gulf Beach, Milford Point, Silver Sands Beach, Walnut Beach, Wildemere Beach, and Woodmont Beach are some of the familiar beaches. 

The town features the Charles E. Wheeler Wildlife Area. This place also has charming shops and restaurants. If you are a food enthusiast, you should visit this town.  

Along with many beaches, this town holds many green spaces. Milford offers a mix of relaxation and outdoor activities. This makes Milford an attractive place to live. 

Best Things to do: Walk Along the Beach, Kayaking, Sunset Watching

Best time to visit: December to February

Number of beaches: 11

Location: Click to locate

#8 Darien

Connecticut Beach Towns

Darien is perfect for summer fun. This town has two fantastic resident-only beaches. Weed Beach offers traditional amenities. This beach has many picnic areas, concession stands, and children’s play areas. Kids as young as 8 can join the Darien Junior Sailing Team here. 

Looking for a laid-back experience at Connecticut beach towns? Then, Pear Tree Point Beach is the ideal choice. You can rent kayaks, swim in the Sound, or dock your boat at the Darien Boat Club. 

Noroton Yacht Club is popular among sailors. It has one of the best junior sailing programs globally. Darien offers a mix of relaxation and outdoor activities, making it an attractive place to live.

Best Things to do: Deep Sea Fishing, Swimming, Kayaking

Best time to visit: June to September

Number of beaches: 3 

Location: Click to locate

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Final Words

Coastal towns in Connecticut provide varied experiences. Each has its distinctive allure. Whether it is the allure of Ocean Beach Park or the beauty of Silver Sands State Park, these Connecticut beach towns offer chances for relaxation, excitement, and discovery. Connecticut’s beach towns assure unforgettable experiences for all. 


What makes Connecticut beach towns stand out?

Connecticut beach towns offer a unique blend of coastal living. It also has vibrant communities and convenient access to urban amenities.

Are there any affordable beach towns in Connecticut that you should consider?

Yes, towns like Milford and Old Saybrook offer relatively affordable housing options. It also provides stunning beachfront views.

Are there any family-friendly beach towns in Connecticut?

Absolutely! Places like Madison and Fairfield offer excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and plenty of recreational activities for families.

What makes Connecticut beach towns a desirable place?

Connecticut beach towns offer a perfect blend of tranquility, community, and opportunity for residents. 

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