Most Beautiful Cities In Belarus

Explore The Unexplored: Most Beautiful Cities In Belarus

Beautiful Belarus: A Land Of Lakes, Forests, And Endless Adventures

Belarus may not always be the first destination that pops into our mind when considering beautiful European cities. Despite being relatively lesser-known for global travelers, Belarus boasts several cities exuding charm, natural beauty, and cultural richness. From well-preserved old towns to modern architectural marvels and picturesque landscapes, Belarus offers unmatched experiences for travelers. However, this landlocked country in Eastern Europe is gradually gaining popularity among travelers like some of its European counterparts. Here are some of the beautiful cities in Belarus, each with its distinct character and attractions.      

Most Beautiful Cities In Belarus You Must Not Miss

Belarus, also known as the Lungs of Europe, boasts a rich history, stunning landscapes, and picturesque cities. Its moderate climate, Soviet touch, rich biodiversity, extremely hospitable locals, delectable cuisine, and vibrant nightlife are now attracting travelers from across the globe. Come, let’s explore this untouched Eastern European gem together!

1. Minsk: a must-visit city for every type of traveler       

First up on our list of most beautiful cities in Belarus is the capital city of Minsk. Begin your Belarus journey in its largest city, a testament to the country’s resilience and architectural diversity. The fascinating blend of Soviet architecture and modernity makes Minsk the most beautiful city in Belarus. Wide avenues, meticulously maintained parks, and modern skyscrapers alongside Soviet-era buildings define the cityscape. Also, numerous parks such as Gorky Park and Chelyuskintsev Park, offer a serene contrast to its urban hustle. Hence, iconic landmarks, plentiful green spaces, and manicured squares in Minsk are a stunning display of Belarusian urban planning. Stroll along the Svisloch River, visit the National Library, and explore the lively streets filled with cafes and restaurants. Thus, friends, families, and couples must add Minsk to their Belarus bucket list.

Location: Central Belarus

Famous places to visit in Belarus, Minsk:

  • Independence Square
  • Victory Square
  • Red Church
  • National Library of Belarus
  • Island of Tears    
  • Church of Saint Simons and Helena

2. Brest: second-largest Belarus city        

Situated on the border with Poland, Brest exudes a rich history and a charming atmosphere. Holding the second place among the most beautiful cities in Belarus, Brest is a picturesque area with well-preserved 19th-century architecture and a relaxing ambiance. The Brest Fortress, an enduring symbol of Soviet resistance, remains a poignant reminder of World War II. Stroll through the picturesque waterfront along the Bug River and explore the charming old town lined with colorful buildings. Additionally, the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Europe’s last remaining primeval forests. Also, the Mukhavets River, flowing through the city, adds to its allure. Thus, wide boulevards, architectural gems, and lovely parks make this Belarus city worth visiting.

Location: Southwest Belarus

Famous places to visit in Belarus, Brest:

  • Brest Hero Fortress
  • St. Nicholas Garrison Church
  • Brest Millennium Monument
  • Brest Railway Station

3. Vitebsk: the cultural capital    

Nestled along the banks of the Dvina River and known as the City of the Arts, Vitebsk is an artistic gem. This city was the hometown of famous artist Marc Chagall, and his legacy is exhibited at the Chagall House Museum. Explore its charming cobblestone streets and well-preserved historical buildings, and marvel at the distinctive Baroque and Renaissance architecture. Moreover, the picturesque Dvina River and scenic parks enhance the city’s natural beauty and charm. This top Belarus city also hosts the International Arts Festival, ‘Slavianski Bazaar’ bringing together artists from around the world. Hence, all this makes Vitebsk secure a third spot among the most beautiful cities in Belarus.

Location: Northeast Belarus

Famous places to visit in Belarus, Vitebsk:

  • Marc Chagall Art Center
  • City Hall
  • Uspensky Cathedral
  • Slavianski Bazaar

4. Grodno: oldest and prettiest Belarus city

Known for its well-preserved historic center, Grodno exudes a timeless charm. Situated near the borders of Poland and Lithuania, Grodno portrays a unique blend of Belarusian, Polish, and Lithuanian influences. Cobblestone streets, old churches, and beautifully restored buildings are a delight to explore. Moreover, its old town is a UNESCO-listed site featuring stunning examples of Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture. The Old Castle and New Castle are prominent landmarks, offering a glimpse into the city’s past. Also, the Neman River and the surrounding parks enhance the beauty of this picturesque city. Thus, Grodno, one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus, is also an ideal spot for recreation and photography.

Location: West Belarus

Famous places to visit in Belarus, Grodno

  • Kalozha Church
  • St. Francis Xavier Cathedral
  • Aquacenter
  • Great Synagogue
  • Zhiliber’s Park

Boundless Beauty: Most Beautiful Cities In Belarus

5. Polotsk: a cultural hub                                            

Next among the most beautiful cities in Belarus comes Polotsk. As one of the oldest Belarus cities, Polotsk is a living museum of medieval architecture and history. The St. Sophia Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is an exquisite example of Eastern European architecture (11th century). Polotsk also houses the Euphrosyne of Polotsk Convent, a spiritual and cultural center. Moreover, the city’s location on the banks of the Western Dvina River enhances its charm, offering scenic views and peaceful strolls. So, these attractions make Polotsk one of the most famous places to visit in Belarus.  

Location: North Belarus

Famous places to visit in Belarus, Polotsk     

  • St. Sophia Cathedral
  • Euphrosyne of Polotsk Convent
  • The Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve

6. Mogilev: relax and party               

Are you looking for a relaxing escape in Belarus? Mogilev is a city that combines historical grandeur with modern liveliness. It is also one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus that you must add to your itinerary. Let’s know why. Nestled along the Dnieper River, Mogilev is famous for its gardens and well-maintained parks. The central square with its elegant architecture and vibrant flowerbeds, is delightful to explore. Stroll along the riverbanks and enjoy scenic views. Mogilev is also considered a top party place in Belarus. Enjoy your evenings at Irish Pub Ale House, Karaoke Club Isterika, Materik, and Na Dubrovke. Thus, the serene atmosphere and vibrant nightlife make Mogilev a hidden gem in Belarus.

Location: East Belarus

Famous places to visit in Belarus, Mogilev  

  • Mogilev Drama Theater   
  • St. Stanislaus Cathedral
  • Pervomayskaya Square
  • Piacerski Forest Park

7. Gomel: relax and rejuvenate

Gomel, one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus, is a destination of grandeur. The city features neoclassical architecture and wide, tree-lined boulevards. The Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace, surrounded by sprawling gardens, Gomel Palace, and Park Ensemble, are a testament to the city’s royalty. Additionally, the Sozh River and the surrounding parks offer ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation. Hence, Gomel is a perfect spot for enjoying strolls and picnics with friends and family.

Location: Southeast Belarus

Famous places to visit in Belarus, Gomel

  • Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace
  • Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble
  • Observation Tower
  • Peter and Paul Cathedral

There is no dearth of beautiful cities in Belarus. A few other notable ones are:

  • Barysaw
  • Orsha
  • Nesvizh
  • Lida
  • Pinsk
  • Novogrudok
  • Babruysk


Belarus is a country of hidden gems, with cities that seamlessly blend history, culture, and natural beauty. From the bustling streets of Minsk to the tranquil parks of Mogilev, each city has its unique charm and captivating appeal. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or seeking a new adventure, explore these beautiful cities in Belarus for unforgettable experiences. Moreover, Belarusians the most friendly are welcoming you with open arms. So, why delay? Plan your next holiday to Belarus soon!


  • What is the currency of Belarus?

The Belarusian ruble is the official currency of Belarus.

  • Which is the most beautiful city in Belarus?

Grodno and Minsk are the most beautiful cities in Belarus.

  • Is Belarus worth visiting?

A moderate climate, architectural wonders, natural beauty, rich biodiversity, warm hospitality, delectable cuisine, and vibrant nightlife make Belarus a trending tourist destination.

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